What is 969 Movement?

The 969 Movement is a social movement to preserve the cultural traditions of Buddhism in Buddhist countries. It was started in about 1999 in Myanmar by U Kyaw Lwin and later on by Venerable Wirathu.

What does 969 do?

969 organizes campaigns in support of mutual aid to Buddhists.

Why is this needed?

The community of people who accept the truth of the Buddha’s teachings are part of a spiritual family, with the Buddha as the spiritual father, Prajnaparamita as the mother, and the men and women of the sangha as brothers and sisters. As a family works to help each other and protect one another, so to do Buddhists guard the Dhamma and holy places of Buddhist peoples. Alarmingly, there has been a large increase of subversive elements which have taken advantage of the special character of Buddhist countries to dissuade our people from living in accordance to the Dhamma. We want to change the dissatisfactory condition of Buddhist people being taken advantage of and prevent further subversion or defamation of our heritage. See this explanation by Ven. Wirathu about the situation in Myanmar:

Is 969 violent?

Absolutely not, our activities are guided according to the principles of the Buddha and 969 leaders strive to prevent criminal actions and violence.

Is 969 tolerant?

In accordance with the intent of the Buddha, the 969 Movement is tolerant insomuch as we extend hospitality, refuge, and loving-kindness to innocent peoples. 969 does not tolerate criminal or sinful behavior, violence against religious groups, or the enslavement of women. We have no qualms with the diversity of religions as practiced around the world but we must insist on the democratic rights of Buddhist countries to decide what is the correct policies for their nations religious and social affairs.

Where is 969 Movement located?

Primarily in Myanmar (Burma) but is quickly growing in other countries such as Thailand and Sri Lanka.

Is 969 limited only to traditionally Buddhist countries?

It is primarily the case today but there is no reason why Buddhists should not form 969 movements in their own country. All Buddhists should strive to reflect Buddhist values in society and the world at large.

What does the 969 symbol mean?

The 969 flag has the background of the Buddhist flag, the foreground is the triple lion figure used  by the ancient buddhist King Ashoka, and the characters are the Burmese numbers for 969.

How can I help?

Start by showing economic support for Buddhist businesses and shop owners. We have started an online store at http://www.zazzle.com/969movement to offer 969 products and stickers. You can also network with other supporters at our forum at https://969movement.org/forum

Who are you?

The creator of this blog is an American Buddhist of the Theravada school and supporter of the 969 message and its leader Ven. Wirathu. I decided to create this website after being disgusted at the despicable Time Magazine article.

I want to contact you, how can I?

You can email us at [email protected]

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