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How does Buddhism help society?

The teachings of Lord Buddha and his unbroken community of faithful followers has existed for over 2,500 years. The Buddhist faith is characterized by two profound teachings encapsulated in the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path. Buddhism teaches it’s adherents a sublime message of peace through understanding the nature of suffering, its causes, and its resolution. In practical terms, Buddhists strive to learn about themselves and the nature of their mind to uncover the seeds of suffering and extinguish their source.

This has profound effects on the actions and behavior of Buddhists that continually strive towards perfecting the virtues of the mind and releasing the bonds that tie the self to suffering.

Buddhist Defense Law Petitions


These images are the huge stacks of signatures collected by monks in Myanmar for the Buddhist Defense Laws. As you can see, these petitions are very popular in Myanmar. This is what Buddhist activism looks like in action!

Be careful with quotes of Lord Buddha

There is a tendency within the Sangha to use quotes of the Buddha out of context. Many if not most of Lord Buddha’s sutta are directed to the community of monks themselves. For example, this quote which shows the essence of Buddha’s teaching on surrendering anger:

“Those absorbed insuch accusations as: “He/She/They abused, hurt, did me or us wrong ” whether right or wrong!, such foolish ones only prolong own pain by being obsessed by their own anger.¬†However!¬†Those freed of these accusations:”He/She/They abused, hurt, did me or us wrong ” noting: whether right or wrong – so what! – such clever ones stop own pain by relinquishing all anger.”