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Kalachakra Tantra and 969

The Kalachakra is a Tibetan Buddhist doctrine on the cycles of time. In addition to being a text, meditation practice, and initiation ritual, Kalachakra is a prophecy for the victory of the Buddhist religion in a war with Islam.

Terrorism vs. Right Intention

The second Noble Truth of the Eightfold Path of the Buddha’s teachings is Right Intention. Right Intention contains three characteristics: the intention of renunciation, the intention of good will, and the intention of harmlessness. The three are opposed to the wrong kinds of intention: intention governed by desire, ill will, and harmfulness.

In the face of terrorism, it is exceptionally challenging and incredibly important to maintain the Right Intent. Even with the blood of our brothers still fresh on our most holy temples to lose the Right Intent is to lose the foundation of our religion.

Be careful with quotes of Lord Buddha

There is a tendency within the Sangha to use quotes of the Buddha out of context. Many if not most of Lord Buddha’s sutta are directed to the community of monks themselves. For example, this quote which shows the essence of Buddha’s teaching on surrendering anger:

“Those absorbed insuch accusations as: “He/She/They abused, hurt, did me or us wrong ” whether right or wrong!, such foolish ones only prolong own pain by being obsessed by their own anger. However! Those freed of these accusations:”He/She/They abused, hurt, did me or us wrong ” noting: whether right or wrong – so what! – such clever ones stop own pain by relinquishing all anger.”